What Are The Possible Reasons For Women Gambling Addiction?


Recently there has been a rise in the number of women addicted to gambling problematically. Online gambling has made it much easier to gamble and also much more difficult to detect the issue of women gambling addiction. As long as the computer, Smartphone or tablet is hidden, then so are the online gambling activities.

Online gaming is growing rapidly and this has led to the growth of some good online bingo games like The Bingo Online. You can find a number of entertaining and popular Bingo games at http://www.thebingoonline.com. But still the problem of Women gambling addiction continues. Untitled

Expert Addiction therapist Liz Karter says’ Problem gambling is about the survival which is actually the activity to change the emotional and psychological state through experiences gained from gambling’. Though there are a number of theories to explain the problem of Women gambling addiction. Let us go over some of the possible reasons in detail.


The question is ‘What can be the underlying motivation behind the gambling for women’? Is it a desire to win money or an ignorance of the odds of a win? Actually the scenario is different and the problem gambling is about survival. It is an intention to change the distressing situation arising from an emotional or psychological state which is done through experiences gained from gambling.

Though survival is the similarity across the genders, the differences lie in the path taken by men or women.


With the absolute focus on a game, women tend to escape from the troubling reality which they may be facing. Through the escapism, women tend to achieve an almost detached state and feel relaxed.


But undergoing this escapism, they forget the wastage of unaffordable amounts of money lost in the game which is a serious problem. This now doubles the problem which she originally sought to escape.

Relationships and Responsibilities

 Many women gamble because they lack supportive relationships or they have a fear commitment or intimacy in their relationships. They no longer trust in close relationships and they feel ache of loneliness or isolation.

Why Gambling only?

Gambling seems to be a healthier option for escaping from a troubling reality because other options like alcohol are not healthier. The intention behind women gambling addiction is to cope with negative situations and re-establishment of control in her life. Go to reviewbridge.com to read some great articles on varied topics.