Best Teen Patti Strategies you can implement during Gameplay


If you love to play card games, then you must have played the ever popular card game known as Teen Patti. Also known by other names such as flush, three cards or the Indian card game, the game finds is origin in India. But now it is widely popular and you can find people from outside India playing and enjoying this game as well. It is a widely accepted fact that Teen Patti is a very complex game. It requires a lot of luck to win this game as well. But does that mean that it is entirely a luck based game and the players just need to depend on good fate to be able to win?

The answer is no. Yes, luck plays a major part in determining who will be the eventual winner in a game of Teen Patti online. But this doesn’t mean that the players are entirely dependent on luck. Rather, the players need to be smart and adopt some good strategies in order to be in a better position to win the game. So what are these strategies and when should a player use them? Let us look out for the answers below.

Strategy #1 – Play Blind

This can be a very useful strategy. In this, the player hasn’t seen his cards, but he needs to place his bet by just guessing what will be the strength of his hand in relation to the hands of other players. But you need to be very careful when you decide to implement this strategy. When you play blind, you conserve your capital because your bet will be less than the rival players who have seen their cards. You will try to outlast the other players as you get to stay in the game for much longer.

So whenever you get the indication that the ‘seen’ players have a weak hand at their disposal and are most likely to fold, and then you should immediately play blind. Of Course this is a gut move and depends upon a lot of luck. But with experience you will certainly become better in implementing this strategy.

Strategy #2 – Ask for Sideshow

So when you see your cards, then you can place your bet and then ask for a sideshow from the player who played the last bet. But this is only allowed if the last player was not blind. So when you ask for the sideshow, you get the opportunity to see the cards of the other player. So this is an important opportunity which you can take advantage of. Whenever you feel that you are better than the player who has previously betted, then you should definitely implement this strategy and ask for a sideshow. This will increase your chances of winning by many folds. Of course you are dependent on luck, but if you estimate comes true, then you can be in for a great chance of winning.

Strategy #3 – Play Chaal

Any player can play chaal any time they want. Doing this, allow them to see the cards whenever they want. After that, they can later place their bet when their turn arrives. You can take advantage of this if you play chaal at the right time. So if you feel that your hand is strong enough, then you can play chaal and continue to bet. This may also fool your opponents into folding and hence increase your chances of winning.

Strategy #4 – Pack or Fold

When you throw in the towel and decide to walk out, then you usually pack or fold. On doing so, you agree to forfeit all the money which you had placed as a bet till that time. So when you think that you have got a pretty weak hand and won’t be able to win, then you can just pack or fold. This will help you in cutting down your losses as well as preserving your capital for future games.

The Last Words

So we have seen that Teen Patti is a luck based game. But with some smart decisions you can either increase your chances of winning or save your capital. It’s true that you need luck with these decisions as well, but they can help a lot if they come out to be successful. So take a look at the strategies above and try to implement them the next time that you play Teen Patti.