Mobile Blackjack Is Overtaking Online Games


The global online gambling industry likely will top $500 billion this year, but mobile gambling soon likely will eclipse that number, with a huge assist from mobile blackjack.

Since 2013, the online gambling industry has grown by more than 10 percent every year, and likely will into the next decade, according to gambling industry analysts. Yet, mobile gambling is growing are about twice the rate and soon could eclipse online gambling as the preferred medium of most bettors.

Even free websites are supporting mobile blackjack. A free gaming website like allows you to play slots on your tablet, while online casinos support actual mobile gambling.

The additional support from free websites helps to spur the growth of mobile gambling, which this year should account for about $100 billion of the $500 billion global online gambling industry.

Next year, that amount generated by mobile blackjack and other casino games could top $165 billion, according to gambling industry experts. That would account for about a third of all online casino gambling revenues — up from 20 percent this year.

If the United States makes online gambling legal across all 50 states, the rate of growth could increase even faster for online gambling in general and mobile gambling in particular. That means more mobile blackjack action, too.

Online gambling is a relatively mature market, when compared to mobile gambling. And online gambling has higher entry costs for consumers than mobile gambling.

In order to gamble online, a bettor must have a computer and high-speed Internet service. The initial cost is several hundred dollars, at least, and $1,000 or more when using high-quality equipment.

Once online, the bettor is tethered either to an Ethernet cable or limited to a Wi-Fi signal that might or might not be reliable.

Mobile gambling, by contrast, is an emerging market with lots of growth opportunity — especially in the United States. Most bettors already have a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device and service, which is all it takes to download an app and start playing mobile blackjack and other games.

The cost of getting a current mobile device can be as little as nothing. Many cellular service providers offer free and low-cost smartphone and tablets that bettors can use to play casino blackjack and other great games.

Mobile devices also have the added benefit of phone and text communications, as well as Internet access and many other functions. That adds momentum to mobile gambling’s already rapid growth rate, which is poised to overtake online gambling in the coming years.